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Study of architecture in México City, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen and Zurich. Besides the basic studies in architecture, special studies in the field of town planning. Development of new urban housing. In particular, however, dealing with modern architecture in an historic surrounding.

Acquired knowledge during the main studies:

Seminars in town planning with excursions to Scandinavia, BENELUX, France, Spain and Italy - town houses, detached family houses and free-standing houses for serveral families, culture of life in densely built houses in suburbs and city centres.

Commercial, industrial and administration buildings. Working places for individuals, groups and open-plan offices.

Semester papers:

Housing, sports facilities, administration buildings (townhall in historic city centre; special honour was the purchase of this paper by the Staatliche Kunstakademie (state-run college of art), Hochschule für bildene Künste (university for the fine arts) in Düsseldorf). Dense housing scheme next to historic village (hamlet on raised vantage point to the "Zugersee" (lake of Zug) with approx. 200 inhabitants, with church and half-timbered houses, a 10- minute's drive from the town of Zug / CH). Extension by residential housing up to for the time being 1200 inhabitants, in addition kindergarten and elementary school, shopping street with 12 shops, new church, gastronomy and tourist facilities.


Structural utilization of rock faces. Layout, taking as an example the rock face near Erstfeld on the motorway and international railway line at the Gotthard in the Canton Uri, Switzerland


During the vacation in 6 university years working experience in renowned architect's offices in the above mentioned countries. After studies further collaboration with several offices mainly in the Rhine-Ruhr district. Working independently on competitions with notable success (e.g. 1st prize; 2nd prize was not awarded, 2 third prizes instead). For 14 years executive in an architect's office with at times 100 employees. Here mainly working on projects for more than 60 department stores of the companies C & A, Horten, Hertie and Karstadt in D, CH and A. Modern building of department stores in historic city centres. Independent negotiations with leading municipal officials (town clerk and Lord Mayor) in the three above mentioned countries with all powers of attorney.

Design of an exhibition centre with hotels and restaurants at the Gruga in the Ruhr-metropolis Essen. Its discussion with the responsible department heads (director of the town planning office and the head of the economic department), taking into consideration their suggestions and developing them further in the design. Total building volume of 330.000 cbm. Prefabrication system developed on my own in consultation with structural engineers of a renowned German building contractor. This project proposed by me calls for municipal property which will be offered for sale to investors by the town of Essen.


Further training in Düsseldorf in special courses for particularly qualified specialists and executives in the building and construction industry (IHF [Chamber of Industry and Commerce], Olivetti-Education-Centre and EDV-Laboratory of the Chamber of Architects) and in Wuppertal at the Technical Academy, branch institute of the RWTH [Rhineland-Westphalian Technical University Aachen] and "Kontaktstudien"-Institute at the Bergische University and the Polytechnic Wuppertal and Institute for further training of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

Application programmes with MS-DOS: Word55, Word for Windows, Multiplan, Chart, d-Base, (structure of information systems).

Programming language with UNIX and MS-DOS: Fortran, Pascal, C and AutoLISP.

CAD-application: AutoCAD with architectural application acadGRAPH, CADKON and ACAD-BAU, Speedikon with UNIX (100 % volume model) and ME-10 from Hewlett Packard.

Further CAD-programmes through autodidactic studies with accompanying courses: RIBCON, SPIRIT, Generic-CADD, PC-Draft, CAD400 and CADVANCE.

AVA-application programme from G&W.

Own written and programmed architectural cad applikation, based on AutoCAD R12/13. AutoCAD R14-user since June 1997.


Member of the German (AKNW) from 1974 2005(April) and the Swiss Chamber of Architects. Capable of team work, leadership qualifications, capable of cooperation, talent for organization, initiative, independence, ability to take stress, ability of motivation, openness, sense of responsibility and duty, determination, flexibility, ability to improvize, willingness to learn and to continue training, humour and tolerance.


- Languages: English, Spanish, French; Italian, Danish and Portuguese knowledge.

-        Hobbies: Sport; jogging, swimming, tennis, skiing (1058/1959 member of the Swiss nationalteam), 1972-1976 hang-gliding,            sailing and motor-yachting (sport boat licence and licence for sport maritime shipping with two days examination at thex           university for navigation in Bremen).

- Literature: Specialist literature and light fiction for relaxation.

- Music: Classic and oldtime jazz (Dixieland), hit parade music of the late 50s.

- Driving experience: Since 1958 continuously in possession of driving licence class 3.

- State of health: Good, no chronic diseases, non-smoker.